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British Serge Battle Dress- 1937 Pattern- Gloucestershire regiment- Normandy 1944 - History in the Making British Army Regiments, Gordon Highlanders, Territorial Army, 1st Infantry Division, Expeditionary Force, British Army Uniform, Wwii Uniforms, Ww2 Uniforms, Ww2 Soldiers

British serge Battle Dress- 1940 Pattern- Gordon Highlanders- North Africa (1941-1943) - History in the Making

This uniform is that of a Corporal Bren Gunner of the 7th Battalion Gordon Highlanders, 51st Highland Division. North Africa 1941-1943. The Corporal is wearing the Pattern 1940 Serge Battle Dress with the MkII helmet and all of the canvas 1937 pattern webbing finished in Tropical Sand/yellow Blanco. A distinctive look seen in many original photographs of the Gordon Highlanders in the North Africa Campaign. The 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders was a Regular Army battalion that served…

Kuba Żeromski
World War Two (1939-1945) German Army Uniforms Category - History in the Making Afrika Corps, Wwii German Uniforms, North African Campaign, Expeditionary Force, Erwin Rommel, Wwii Uniforms, 10 February, Ww2 Uniforms, Ww2 Soldiers

Afrika Corps- Tropical Uniform- Panzer Corps-Lieutenant - History in the Making

The Afrika Korps or German Africa Corps (German: Deutsches Afrikakorps, DAK) was the German expeditionary force in Africa during the North African Campaign of World War II. First sent as a holding force to shore up the Italian defense of their African colonies, the formation fought on in Africa, under various appellations, from March 1941 until its surrender in May 1943. The unit’s best known commander was Field Marshal Erwin Rommel. The German blocking force, commanded by Rommel, at first…