Wool felt projects

Explore a variety of creative wool felt projects that will inspire your crafting endeavors. Get inspired to create beautiful and unique items using wool felt.
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How To Stiffen Felt Fabric for Felt Crafts and DIY Projects - Hawk Hill

Stiffening felt is a simple and satisfying DIY project with dramatic results! In this article, I demonstrate how to stiffen felt using supplies you probably already have in your kitchen! You can stiffen felt just a little (to add just a little more body) or a lot (to make it stiff enough to take on

Ann Christodoulou
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3 Needle Felting Tips to Make Your Artwork Look Professional

Do you ever wonder how professional textile artists achieve a smooth, even finish to their needle felted artwork? Does your work look a little fuzzy, blobby or matted in comparison? Read on for three effective tips to get you felting like a pro.1. Stab Sensitively!Have you ever looked at your work and though "that looks a bit...stabby"? Have the holes made by your felting needle really left their impression on your work? The chances are that this is because when you stab down with your…

Lara Benschoter
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How to Cut Perfect Shapes out of Wool Felt - The Freezer Paper Method — Oliver Rabbit

Wool felt is a dreamy textile to sew with but it can be a challenge to cut smooth edges and identical shapes from it. Paper, on the other hand, is very easy to cut into pattern shapes, including smooth curves and sharp angles.

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