Wooden spoon carving

Explore the art of wooden spoon carving and discover unique designs and techniques to create your own functional and beautiful kitchen utensils. Get inspired and start carving today!
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5 Best Trees for Spoon Carving — Sylva Spoon

For beginners, this can be a little overwhelming. You can narrow down your selection with the following sweeping statements. Don’t use softwoods (e.g. pines and spruces), don’t use ring porous species (e.g. oaks and ashes). Of course, you can carve a spoon from any wood but diffuse-porous wood tends

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This One Easy Step Will Make Your Carved Spoons Better

When I started out out, I carved a lot of bad spoons. It took a long time to figure out certain tips and tricks to making spoons that work well. This is tip is one I really wish I’d been told about earlier.

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Spooncarving... Without a hook knife.

A friend of mine in Croatia showed me a photograph of a spoon she had carved. She has no specialist bushcraft tools so used her imagination and came up with a splendid idea, she used some broken glass. This got me thinking, how do I carve a spoon bowl without a hook knife. I know you can use a hot coal and a straw to carefully burn a depression in a bowl, but this often ends up with cracking if not done extremely carefully. Then I remembered the friction fire lighting blog I posted a little…

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