Whale japanese art

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of whale Japanese art. Explore stunning designs that capture the grace and majesty of these magnificent creatures. Find inspiration for your own artwork or decor.
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Hunting The Whale Terrorists of Edo Period Japan - Flashbak

As we all know, the great enemy in the war on terror is the roaming gangs of whales who maraud up and down Japan’s coastlines, threatening our way of life, writes Paul K. These cetaceous behemoths often loiter in the ocean depths in sleeper pods awaiting the signal to attack. Chaos and destruction invariably follow … Continue reading "Hunting The Whale Terrorists of Edo Period Japan"

Enzo Lederer
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Flora and Fauna Watercolour illustrations

Animals that incorporate the features of the places thy live in, hence the description of Flora and Fauna. Daniel Mackie, is the artist that creates these lovely illustrations. I will let him describe his work and inspiration: "The DM Collection is a range of unique decorative animal cards, prints and tableware. Each creature has its natural habitat depicted within it. These interiors are very much inspired by Japanese prints and vintage Chinese wall paper." I love the fluid manner with…

Jennifer Sandy