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Enhance your wedding photography skills with these expert tips. Learn how to capture beautiful and timeless moments on your special day.
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I’m the kind of person that is either frantically running dozens of spreadsheets with different outcome predictions before doing something, or I’m like “screw it, it’ll work out, let’s just do it!” - there’s no in between. When I was graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Comm

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Wedding photographers are some of the strongest, smartest, and most creative people I know. Wedding photography is not for the faint of heart. Weddings are long days, where you are on your feet all day. You carry a lot of weight on your shoulders. Quite literally with all your gear, but also the weight of […]

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Hey photographers!! Are you new to shooting weddings, or maybe haven’t shot one at all and have one coming up?! Then this post is for you!! I am so excited to share today my top 5 tips on being an AWESOME photographer shooting your first wedding as a primary photographer! :) At the end of this season (that’s very quickly coming to a close!) I will have shot around 100 weddings. 100! It’s so crazy to think I’ve been a part of so many love stories, and it’s truly an honor!! So here we go…

Curtis Peebles
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Take a look at this fun infographic from Simply Bridal. It helps you to figure out what type of wedding photographer you are. Even if you don't want to pigeon hole yourself, it will remind you of the different ideas you can do.

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