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Enhance your architectural design with these creative wall section detail ideas. Explore innovative techniques to bring depth and visual interest to your walls.
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Hello there, I am a homebuilder and I am about to start framing next week on a 5000 SF home. I am looking to build the home as efficiently as possible while staying within my clients budget. This is what I am planning so far: Exterior Walls: 2x6 Exterior Walls with 1/2" OSB exterior Sheathing and 2" Ridgid Foam Exterior Sheathing Question: How does the 2" rigid foam work with a full masonry exterior? Would I hold my 2x6 walls 2" in from the rim board to have the foam sitting on top of the…

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TEK 5-3A © 2003 National Concrete Masonry Association (replaces TEK 5-3) NCMA TEK National Concrete Masonry Association an information series from the national authority on concrete masonry technology CONCRETE MASONRY FOUNDATION WALL DETAILSTEK 5-3A Details (2003) Keywords: architectural details, basement wall, crawlspace wall, foundation wall, pier, plain concrete masonry, reinforced concrete masonry, residential details, stemwall … Continue reading "CONCRETE MASONRY FOUNDATION WALL…

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This is a two unit residence set in West Los Angeles. The larger unit contains the primary use for living with 3 bedrooms, a grand room, and a loft. The smaller unit is an office space. The two units are separated by an angled concrete wall, which maintains a structural equilibrium for the...

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