Vintage Sewing Machines

Step back in time with vintage sewing machines. Discover the beauty of these classic machines and find inspiration for your next sewing project.
In this post, I'll walk you through the process of removing rust from your vintage sewing machine in order to clean and restore it. Sew Ins, Removing Rust, Featherweight Sewing Machine, Sewing Machine Repair, Treadle Sewing Machines, Old Sewing Machines, Antique Sewing Machines, Vintage Sewing Machine, Vintage Sewing Machines

Top Ten Posts from 2017 — The Mermaid's Den

This post covers my ten most popular posts from The Mermaid's Den in 2017. Sometimes I have an idea of what's going to be popular while I'm writing it, and sometimes you guys surprise me! Let's take a look at the posts you loved in 2017.

Nanda Ryst
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Vintage Singer Love - How I Clean 'em Up (The Basics)

I posted about the 3 vintage Singers that followed me home a couple of weeks ago; now I thought I'd give a step-by-step of how I do a basic clean up on one of the full-size ladies. My techniques have been gleaned from research at places like the Yahoo Vintage Singers group, David McCallum's Featherweight DVDs & books, various posters at Pattern Review, and lots of experimentation on the old machines that have found their way to my house. Some of those experiments were not so successful…

steve doody
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How to Identify Vintage Singer Sewing Machine? (Models by Serial Number)

When someone mentions a home sewing machine, most people immediately think of Singer. Indeed, many Americans saw their grandmothers use this machine type when they were children. Even though the first Singer sewing machine appeared ... Read more

Mike Brown
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White Sewing Machine: The Supreme Guide to History, Models, Value…

Maybe you found an antique White sewing machine in your grandma’s attic, or maybe you want to figure out how to use the old machine you’ve had for decades. Either way, you’re probably wondering where

Carol Anderson