Victorian cottage

Explore charming Victorian cottage ideas to create your dream home. Discover how to incorporate vintage elements and cozy decor into your living space for a nostalgic and inviting atmosphere.
It’s a playhouse and garden shed rather than somebody’s home, but this tiny colorful house with Victorian details could easily house a person inclined to live small. Outdoor, Gardening, Cottages, Garden Design, Cottage Style, Garden Cottage, Cottage Garden, Cottages And Bungalows, Cottage Homes

Humble and beautiful in their imperfection, little cottages with hand-made details call to mind the tales of the Brothers Grimm and other fairy stories, making us long for an adorable abode to call our own. These tiny houses provide inspiration to simplify and live smaller, and they’re definitely fun to look at. So make yourself […]

Nadine Broderick

When I search for Victorian gardens on pinterest this picture always pops up. Isn't this a lovely outdoor space? I am not sure of the source but I would guess springtime has them enjoying sweet tea on that lovely porch. This certainly is a pin on my wish list board for the Shabby Old House. What are you dreaming about these days?