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Discover the latest trends and innovative ideas for ventilation design to create healthier and more comfortable spaces. Improve air quality and enhance the overall atmosphere of your home or office with these expert tips.
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8 Passive Ventilation Strategies For Your Tropical Home | Architropics

Natural or passive ventilation is one of the primary concerns of a tropical home. How good the passive ventilation in your home is, will...

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Lets the wind in, keeps the rain out - Innovent Concrete Louvre Ventilation Block Ventilation Block Design, Unique Wall Design, Ventilation Block, Breeze Block Wall, Detail Arsitektur, Breeze Blocks, Cement Blocks, Ventilation Design, Concrete Block

INNOVENT BLOCK - Innovent Concrete Louvre Ventilation Block

The Innovent block is a new, patent-protected concrete louver ventilation block designed in Trinidad and Tobago. It allows for airflow through a wall while inhibiting the passage of precipitation (such as a horizontal or wind driven rain) through its unique and innovative design features. The main advantage of the Innovent block is that it can be manufactured using a fully automated concrete block-making machine providing a consistent uniform product. The Innovent block is also weather…

How to Provide Good Ventilation in Your Home - High Ceiling Window Design, Bathroom Window Ceiling, Air Circulation Architecture, Windows High On Wall, Ventilator Window Design, Interior Roof Design Ceilings, Awning Windows Living Room, Awning Windows Bedroom, Wall Ventilation Design

How to Provide Good Ventilation in Your Home -

When it comes to the home design, there are many aspects should be considered. The most important thing is about the home ventilation. One of the things that you'll need to do to keep your home comfortable is to provide good ventilation.

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