Venice mask

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Venice with stunning masks. Explore top ideas for a memorable carnival experience and create your own Venetian masterpiece.
the bauta masks | venice became the part of the lombardy venetia austrians took the ...

Venetian masks are one of the old tradition of Venice Italy. Documentations show that it was first used in 1268 in an annual celebration. Later on the masks became very popular especially during th…

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Venetian Crescent Moon mask

Venice Travel Poster The winged lion has long been the traditional symbol of Venice, ever since the remains of St. Mark were brought to the city in the early 800’s. You can find statues of the lion everywhere in the city, but most noticeably in St. Mark’s Square. Early history of Venice pottery Archaelogical excavations have unearthed precious artefacts that date the first appearance of pottery in the Venice lagoon vicinity to the 6th century. Venice was one of the first pottery centres in…

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