Urban wildlife

Explore the thriving ecosystem of urban wildlife and learn how these creatures adapt and survive in the city. Get inspired to appreciate and protect the biodiversity in your own backyard.
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It's easy to think of cities as being the enemy of nature. When we talk about escaping the skyscrapers and car horns, we have visions of breathing in fresh mountain air while hiking through forests in mind. But for Monarch butterflies, the busy cities we know could be key to their survival.

Anna Blake
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​Get more wildlife in your garden, turn your street green, be outdoors with your kids. Rewild My Street provides guidance for people wishing to adapt their homes, gardens and streets to encourage wildlife - and stop London's streets going grey.

Omar Alonso Naranjo
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There’s one big link between rats and pigeons. Although the species are separated by millions of years genetically, they are drawn together through their shared affinity for humans. Most humans, by comparison, have very little affinity for either species! But as a biologist and photographer, I’m always curious about how their lives are intertwined with ours – and, of course, if it’s possible to take good pictures of these ubiquitous animals. So, join me as I tell a story of urban wildlife…

Sadie Hower
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An amateur photographer who works in digital advertising has won the inaugural Picfair Urban Wildlife Photography Awards for his image of two coyotes on a dimly lit suburban street in Ontario. All Picfair profits on print sales will go to global conservation non-profit Re:Wild

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