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Discover effective strategies to combat the urban heat island effect and create cooler cities. Explore innovative ideas to reduce heat, improve air quality, and enhance the livability of urban areas.
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City Centers Are Sweltering. Trees Could Bring Back Some of Their Cool. - Inside Climate News

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky — Slicing five miles through this southern city’s downtown, Broadway shows just how challenging it can be for a sweltering urban center to beat the dangerous summer heat. Louisville’s main drag leaves the upscale and relatively leafy Highlands neighborhood and heads west, where it widens to seven lanes of black asphalt and enters […]

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Four Approaches to Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect - Urban Land Magazine Urban Heat Island Diagram, Urban Heat Island Effect, Urban Acupuncture, Trees For Life, Concept Diagrams, Urban Heat Island, Southwest Region, Urban Intervention, Urban Tree

Four Approaches to Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect

Extreme heat is the number-one weather-related cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and extreme heat can also harm infrastructure as well as the overall economy. What if it were possible to make cities cooler—that is, actually lower urban temperatures to improve the quality of life—with more-resilient development?

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How Landscape Architecture Mitigates the Urban Heat Island Effect - Land8

Global temperatures are rising. This is especially felt in urban areas due to the urban heat island (UHI) effect, where temperatures can be 10oF (5.5oC) higher than the surrounding countryside. This phenomenon is due to several factors that combine to alter the local microclimate of an urban area. However, several techniques can be employed by landscape architects to help combat the local rise in temperatures, saving money, reducing global warming, and making a more pleasant environment to…

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