Trolls party food

Make your Trolls-themed party a hit with these delicious and creative party food ideas. From colorful desserts to savory snacks, find the perfect treats to delight your guests.
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Audrey's Trolls Birthday Party - Poppy + Grace

I’m excited to share all the fun and colorful details from Audrey’s Trolls birthday party this past weekend! She’s been telling me for a long time that she wants a Trolls birthday party so I was excited for it to all come together. If you’ve seen Trolls, you know that Trolls love color and Trolls […]

Mackenzie Tyler
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Poppy’s Pink Trolls Party Snack Mix

We’re loving the Trolls movie and came up with a fun party snack mix that my daughter helped make. I think Poppy would love the bright pink colors and rainbows! Plus, there are tiny gummy worms and fruity marshmallows, too. This mix would make a really fun snack at a Trolls party or packaged up […]

Ashlee Harvey
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Trolls Party Food Card Set

We’re loving Trolls and had a fun time setting up a party featuring Poppy, Branch, and all of their friends! This snack bar works great as an instant party! It can be set up for snacks, party favors, food bar, and a centerpiece for your Trolls party. The cards are four to a standard sized […]

Michelle James