Touken ranbu

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Touken Ranbu. Explore the characters, storylines, and gameplay of this popular Japanese online game. Join the adventure and forge your path with the legendary swords.
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She looked like a perfect porcelain doll, and all he wanted to do was stare forever. With her pale, soft fair skin and stunning ghostly green eyes, how could he not? She's known as the number 1 female hero, but no one knows who she is or what she looks like behind the hero persona. He's too intrigued and fell too deep to drag himself back out, but he doesn't really seem to mind that part. Echo never thought she'd get placed as the overall number 6 hero. She didn't know she's done so much as…


"I'm not the one who's in charge where people will reincarnate ok?my job is only to guide people to their next lifetime." 'Hmm....this place called china right?I didn't know this place' "Don't worry if you have more questions just ask in your head and someone will answer it, I'm late for my next appointment so I'll go ahead first!Ciao!" 'Ciao?what does that mean?' Word processing.....loading..... ......Complete..... "Some people say 'Ciao' as an informal way of saying goodbye to someone who…

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