Torn paper artwork

Discover the beauty of torn paper artwork and unleash your creativity. Explore top ideas to create stunning masterpieces using this unique art form.
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Mixed Media Collage-EXCAVATIONS

Finally.. gentle readers... all the work has reached the Gallerie and I have it loaded in the shop 142 Bis Gallerie for pre sale.. I chose to call the show EXCAVATIONS because I noticed that I had been doing a lot of collage in my art journals.. layering the torn pieces, chewing on relationship issues and stressful events... metaphorically digging by ripping and tearing.. to find out what was really at the crux of the matters.. As If, Mixed Media Collage, 5 x 7 Caterina Giglio I used mono…

Ranjana Vaya
Video Tutorial: Torn Paper Collage Effect in Photoshop Torn Paper Effect Photoshop, Paper Tear Effect, Paper Effect Photoshop, Tears Photography, Torn Paper Effect, Learning Photoshop, Torn Paper Collage, Paper Effect, Paper Portrait

Torn Paper Effect Photoshop Tutorial

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a series of surreal ripped paper collaging effects that give the appearance of an image being ripped away to reveal a different image underneath. We’ll use a variety of fundamental tools and techniques, such as layer masks and adjustment layers, which makes this […]

Lidia Schwanche
Art Techniques: Torn Paper Collage | Tamara Jaeger Fine Art Japanese Paper Collage Art, Torn Paper Collage Ideas, Torn Paper Art Ideas, Paper Collage Techniques, Torn Paper Collage Art, Paper Collage Art Ideas, Torn Paper Art, Paper Mosaics, Collage Mosaic

Art Techniques: Torn Paper Collage - Tamara Jaeger Fine Art

Today I’m going to walk you through my process for creating a torn paper collage, like my custom pet portraits. I use acid-free artist’s drawing paper drawing paper in varying sizes. My favorite is 9 inches x 12 inches, since this gives a nice, intimate-sized piece that still allows for excellent detail. It also doesn’t […]

Vanessa Olink Art