Thrift Store Finds

Discover an array of unique and affordable treasures at your local thrift store. Explore top ideas to transform your home with one-of-a-kind finds that won't break the bank.
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My husband who has been working out of state for several months, just got back a few days ago :) It’s been so nice to just hang out and do the things we like to do together. One of those things is thrift shopping. Most people have no idea how many awesome things you can

Brenda Carpenter
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They’re cheap. They help the environment. And they might just make your eyebrows jump into your hairline. That’s right, folks, I’m talking about all the weird things that people uncover in thrift stores. And flea markets. Not to mention in strange shops (there one day, gone the next) with mysterious and eccentric owners who offer you items that will make all your dreams come true for free (all you need to do is sign a simple contract). [Cue goatee twirling and totally-not-suspicious…

Donna Arishenkoff Jenkinson

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