Third grade art project

Engage your third grade students with creative and fun art projects. Explore top ideas to inspire their creativity and enhance their artistic skills.
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Road-scapes Grant Haffner Style.... Elementary and Middle School ArtMixed Media Road Trip Landscape Art Lesson, Grant Haffner styleI have been preparing art lessons for the next school year. Recently, I gave this lesson a test run... I taught it online to my art club students in Vancouver, BC. They are elementary students (ages 6-12) They enjoyed the introduction to one point perspective and learning about contemporary artist, Grant Haffner. Here you can see what they created in one hour…

Amy Henry
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This Monster in My Closet art lesson has been one of my students' absolute favorites over the years! A perfect lesson for drawing creativity out of even the most hesitant young artists. With a focus on line, shape, and texture your students will be engaged the entire time they are creating!

Robin Heieren

To begin class, we talked about the basics of portrait drawing: your eyes are in the middle of your head, your head is 5 eyes wide, your neck is as wide as your pupils, etc. I had the students make…

Lorie May