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Real or Fake? The F74 Challenge?

As the world grows, people grow with it, and then come new trends and new challenges that emerge from the ground as people continue to make them. TikTok is now the platform known for making these challenges happen and known for making all happen. TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to upload

Teresa García
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Illustration Student in New York Xiao Hua Yang (Interview #19)

Welcome back to bi-weekly Artist Interview series that I conduct every second Sunday! Today, it's my pleasure to interview a talented Illustrator from Shanghai - Xiao Hua Yang. You can check some more of her art here: Let's get started! :) Welcome Xiao, tell our readers a little bit about yourself :) Hi all, my name is Xiao(it's pronounced as Shiau). I am originally from Shanghai. I grew up in a common household, but I am the first one ever in the family to…