Sushi donuts

Try these mouthwatering sushi donut recipes that put a twist on traditional sushi. Learn how to make your own sushi donuts and impress your friends with this creative and tasty treat.
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Let's eat the rainbow! These super fun, one-of-a-kind Rainbow Sushi Donuts are great for an afternoon pick me up as a creative brunch or lunch! They are fun, packed with wonderful delightfulness, and will put a smile on anyone's face! Add all-wonderful rainbow colors with Suncore Foods® Blue Butterfly Pea, Ebony Carrot, and Red Beet Powders. This joyous and creative meal will definitely satisfy even the pickiest little eater. Add a little bit of magic and rainbows with our powders! Two fan…

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The laughter of a child, a small kitten's whiskers, $4 sushi rolls... It's the simple things in life that make us happy. But it looks like sushi will be simple no more — if you thought restaurants were getting crazy with over-the-top rolls, just wait until you see the sushi doughnut and all the other insane ways people have transformed sushi.