Stone pattern

Discover a variety of stunning stone patterns that can transform your space into a work of art. Explore top ideas to add texture and style to your interior design.
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Lithos Design is the unrivaled Italian manufacturer of modular feature walls and flooring made of natural stone and marble for interior and exterior design. The Company was established in 2007, and is now acknowledged by the best international design firms for its design, innovation and quality standards, which epitomise the Made in Italy trademark, and especially as one of the leading companies who introduced the concept of industrial stone design.

Becca Wieronski
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(seamless textures) Slate is a fine-grained rock, formed by the metamorphism of shale or clay or volcanic ash. Slate is usually gray-black or bluish-black, but there is also a red, green, purple, etc. Slate is composed mostly of mica, quartz, muscovite, biotite, chlorite, plus iron ore as accessory minerals, and apatite, graphite, kaolin, magnetite, tourmaline, and zircon (as a small accessory minerals). True slate is hard and compact and commonly used for floors, roofs, baseboards, paving…

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