Stone carving

Discover the art of stone carving and enhance your home decor with unique and captivating stone sculptures. Explore top ideas to add a touch of elegance to your living space.
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Artist José Manuel Castro López works with rocks both large and small to transform hard surfaces into gentle fabric-like creases. Each sculpture begins as a regular piece of quartz or granite which he delicately grinds down to reveal peculiar wrinkled shapes, as if the rock had always existed this way. You can see many more of his recent works in this gallery.(via Ignant) More

Gravestone Symbols- Meaning and Inspiration | Stoneletters Stone Sculptures, Wood Carving Designs, Stone Carving, Stone Art, Carving Designs, Sculpture Clay, Clay Wall, Plaster Art, Clay Wall Art

Lettering is only a small part of a gravestone design. Almost all of my headstones incorporate a small carving of a symbol or motif. Choosing a symbol is often difficult and may be inspired by something your loved one was passionate about or simply an image from nature. Here are some symbols from my headstones which I hope will inspire you.

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