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simple looking but complex drawing full of handmade ink dots.

Hand drawn little ink dots... Professional Photographer and Industrial Designer María Lecanda is the artist that created these drawings. I love this style; stippling is an example of order, patience, skill and the power of individual dots coming together to illustrate a story. I like them all but my very favourites are: The feeling of motions in the dancing couple and the subtle looking complexity, of the scuba diver. Have a look though the page and see what you think of this talented…

Zachary Robinson
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Square Tones Vol. 3 | Stippled Boxes

20+ vector halftone square gradients composed of stippled dots, perfect for adding subtle or loud texture to all kinds of projects. Upon purchase, you will be able to access a .zip file containing 1 .eps with all the halftones organized on one layer. Added Bonus! Beyond the main collection of 20, there are 8 stippled rectangles included in a separate .eps file. The Square Tones collections can be used on projects throughout your life, so why not buy the megapack containing 200 total vectors…

Catherine Mills
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A nice afternoon refreshing sleep.

Animals depicted using ink dots. María Lecanda as well as being a stippling artist, photographer & designer, is also a rescue diver. One of the things that we are able to do when revisiting artists work, is to show WIPs and then the completed piece in a following post. This is the case for "Sharks amongst fish". When I fist saw the WIP I was so impressed with the picture, I included the sharks even though it wasn't completed. The patience and dedication to the drawing, to draw all of those…