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Discover how to bring the magic of Starlight Glimmer to life with an enchanting human transformation. Unleash your inner pony and embrace the captivating world of Equestria with these top ideas and tips.
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Looks like through some sleuthing on the new MLP site fans have uncovered some character models for Starlight Glimmer, Daring Do, a new character named Juniper Montage and more in the site code! With some of these popping up previously during Toy Fair it looks like we can probably expect them in the coming specials. Thanks to Chevistian for sending them in! Get them all after the break. Source Twitter: Calpain

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She doesn't have Rainbow Power colors because she doesn't have Rainbow Power. I'm not going to let her outshine Sunset in that, too. Seriousl... Friendship equals magic ( Daydream Sparkle )

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