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Starcraft II Minis: Zerg by Draguunthor Starcraft Zerg, Starcraft 2, Creature Concept, Game Character Design, Creature Concept Art, Creature Design, Fantasy Monster, Monster Concept Art, Creature Art

Description You may have seen the original Starcraft Minis and wondered, "Hey, will there be Minis for Starcraft 2?". Those who have seen the Starcraft 2 Minis comics already know that answer, but for those who haven't, here they are! Yes, even some of the structures are included. Why do they have names? This particular hive cluster hung around Terrans (i.e. snuck into bases and harassed them) long enough to pick up the notion that they should try identifying themselves with something other…

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The lurker is a zerg unit that may attack only when burrowed. By the time of the… Fantasy Creatures, Beast Creature, Creature Feature, Creature Concept, Alien Creatures, Creature Design, Creature Concept Art, Fantasy Monster, Creature Art

The lurker is a zerg unit that can attack only when burrowed. Compared to other zerg strains, lurkers are arachnid in appearance.[1] Evolved from the hydralisk, these creatures are powerful anti-ground ambushers,[2] and are one of the rare zerg strains that can attack while burrowed. When above ground, the lurker stands roughly twice as tall as a terran wearing CMC armor.[3] Lurkers serve as defense warriors for hive clusters and outlying zerg colonies,[4] but their primary role extends to…

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Hatchery - StarCraft and StarCraft II Wiki Dragons, Dark Fantasy, Land Art, Science Fiction, Fantasy World, Rpg, Fantasy Landscape, Starcraft 2, Starcraft Zerg

The hatchery is the foundational structure for every zerg colony. Hatcheries perform three vital functions that no colony can survive without: producing the creep, which most zerg structures require in order to be built, giving birth to larvae that can mutate into the various zerg breeds and digesting minerals and vespene gas to change into a nutrient form that zerg can use to feed their mutations. In addition, the hatchery is one of the only structures that can be built without pre-existing…

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