Starcraft 2

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Starcraft 2: Ghost vs Spectre by ~Tabnir on deviantART Concept Art, Sci Fi, Art, Animation, Sci Fi Characters, Sci Fi Art, Rpg, Starcraft 2, Futuristic Art

Description #100 It's been a while since I've done fanart. I usually don't do fanart because I'm not fanatical? Haha. My friend told me I should enter this one SC2 art competition. I was resistant at first, but he used the "you could use more practice" argument on me and it was super effective! I thought I'd test out my patience this time. Usually I slap down all my stuff in one sitting, but I took some time on this one, about 15 hours over 3 days. I think, quality-wise, this is a pretty big…

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