Spiritual protection

Learn effective techniques to protect your spiritual energy and create a positive aura. Discover ways to shield yourself from negative energies and enhance your spiritual well-being.
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In this post, learn how to protect your energy with 7 simple yet profound practices. (With positive affirmations and images you can save!)

Diana Murdock
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Twice a year, something truly extraordinary happens, bringing light and darkness into perfect balance in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. These historic markers of seasonal change are known as equinoxes, offering equal amounts of daytime and nighttime to both hemispheres of Earth in March and in September. W

Nicole Mai
Did you know that by wearing Spiritually Positive Jewelry help to improve Aura? Gem Stone Jewelry, Spiritual Fashion, Spiritual Science, Ancient Jewels, Metaphysical Spirituality, Pure Gold Jewellery, Buy Gold Jewelry, Science Research, Spiritual Living

The reasons for wearing jewellery go beyond the superficial, as ancient people knew to use jewellery for spiritual protective purposes. Gold, silver, and gem stone jewellery have the potential to protect us from distressing vibrations. Have a look at some spiritually positive jewellery designs and its subtle effects on us.

Taher Ebne_Ehsan