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Get in the spirit of Halloween with these spooky ideas from Spirit Halloween. Discover the best costumes, decorations, and party ideas to make this Halloween unforgettable.
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Spirit Station Z, also known as the Zombie Subway, was one of the two themes created by Spirit Halloween for the 2015 Halloween season. The theme was a zombie infested subway station with several different rooms and two railing sections with lighted lamps. Boogie Man (If it was released in 2015) Grave Grabbing Corpse Grave Grabbing Zombie Girl Hung Up Zombie Live Wires (2015) Lunging Lily Mourning Gory (If it was released in 2015) Possessed Wall Hanger Roaming Antique Doll (2014) Roaming…

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The Spirit Clown Train was one of the three themes created by Spirit Halloween for the 2013 Halloween season. The front of the theme resembled a giant clown archway that could be walked through underneath. The clown face in the arch had sharp teeth and swirl-filled eyes. The back of the theme resembled two train carts, each with clowns strewn throughout. Bloody Bag of Jokes (2013) Chester the Jester (if it was released in 2013) Dead Humor Demonic Circus Clown (if it was released) Misfortune…