Spanish painters

Explore the works of 10 influential Spanish painters who have made significant contributions to the world of art. From the iconic Pablo Picasso to the visionary Salvador Dali, discover the rich and diverse artistic heritage of Spain.
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Famous Hispanic Artists and Painters from Latin America and Spain

Inside: A list of the most famous Hispanic artists (Spanish-speaking artists) and Latin American artists (or Latinx artists). As part of my (upcoming!) series on famous Latin Americans and Hispanic leaders, this post zeroes in on the most iconic and beloved artists in the Spanish-speaking world. You'll notice that this list-- and most others, if

Vivian Komando
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Vicente Romero In His Own Words

"I am a Spanish painter, born in Madrid in 1956. At that time, it was not unreasonable for a family of modest means to be able to send their children to university for higher education. This was true in my case, and in 1982 I finished my degree in sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid. Very

Isagani Garduque
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Pablo Segarra Chias Gallery | 106 Figurative Oil Paintings - Spanish Artist

Pablo Segarra Chias lavishes his canvases with warm and clean colors, depicting his particular universe of austere forms and simple people, immersed in their everyday and constant routine, ever-present in the spiritual life of the author and beautifully depicted in his paintings.

Mary Ann Fernandez