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Explore a variety of authentic Spanish food recipes to bring the flavors of Spain to your kitchen. From tapas to paella, discover mouthwatering dishes that will transport you to the streets of Barcelona.
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Paella Recipe - How to Make Spanish Paella

This saffron-infused Mixed Paella comes loaded with Spanish sausage, juicy shrimp, mussels, clams, and calamari. Feel free to substitute one, or both, or the aforementioned with chicken, rabbit, duck, beans, or additional veggies.For best results, cook your paella in a large, round paella pan that is at least 15- to 18-inches. I used this Lodge pre-seasoned 15-inch skillet from Amazon. It was a tight fit, but everything made it in.

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Roasted Spanish potatoes- A quick and easy recipe Spanish Recipes, Spanish Side Dishes, Goya Recipe, Spanish Vegetables, Traditional Spanish Dishes, Food Bucket List, Spanish Potatoes, Basic Spanish, Potatoes Baked

Roasted Spanish potatoes- A quick and easy recipe

Roasted Spanish potatoes is an easy oven-baked potatoes recipe with a simple tangy tomato sauce flavored with some basic seasonings. These potatoes are soft and fluffy in the center and have a crisp outer layer. They get ready in less than 40 minutes and taste amazing.