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"Merge_Shell Icon" by WeiDong Chen

我们的团队在 2020 年为Merge demo制作进行了 3D 制作的贝壳图标一套升级流程

Yusuf Çakmak
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Merge Mansion is a puzzle game where the player completes tasks as the character Maddie whose grandmother owns the mansion. At first, these are themed around home-improvement, housekeeping, and taking care of Maddie's grandmother. - - - - Art direction by Merge Mansion Art Team (Metacore) Ocellus Art team : Concept and Colo - - Ocellus team: Art director : Tiphaine Jego Lead Colo: Joachim Leclercq -- Concept : Mathilde Morcel Clean Design: Camille Le Souffaché, Mathilde Morcel Colo: Pierre…

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