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Dress to impress with these stylish secretary outfits. Enhance your professional image with sophisticated fashion choices that exude confidence and professionalism.
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In which Jungkook and Yuju used to be married. It was forced also known as an arranged marriage. Jungkook didn't want it but Yuju did. Yuju's dad has always supported Jungkook since Jungkook's parents died and Jungkook's dad was his driver. Although Jungkook had a girlfriend, IU, he accepted because he didn't want to upset Yuju's father. Jungkook told Yuju that he didn't really have feelings for her and that he had a girlfriend. Yuju was hurt and bared all the pain being married to Jungkook…

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We’re still two weeks out from the premiere of tvN rom-com Why Secretary Kim but the drama has maintained a steady pace in releasing promos. The second drama poster dropped with Park Seo Joon ripping up the resignation letter from … Continue reading →

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Hi, pandas! Laura is back now with her friend Olivia (aka Olive)! Enjoy, and take care.

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Slay the Day: Conquering Your Office Wardrobe with Style The Monday morning struggle is real, especially when it comes to figuring out what to wear. But fear not, fellow fashionistas! This blog post is here to help you navigate the professional style landscape with confidence and flair. Whether you're a boardroom boss

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