Screen printing exposure unit

Discover the latest screen printing exposure unit ideas to enhance your printing process. Upgrade your screen printing setup with innovative techniques and achieve high-quality prints.
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Several variables make up a screen-making process. One of them is an LED exposure unit. An LED exposure unit uses direct and uniform light at full power that makes an ultra-fast exposure. Around 50% faster than metal halide exposure units. Not only efficient but also long-lasting. LEDs can last around 100,000 hours, in addition to

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UV Exposure: the light wavelength of our 50W screen printing kit is 395nm, high energy able to shorten the solidification time of photo emulsion; The exposure time is about 3-5 minutes, which depends on the thickness of the emulsion Easy to Apply: our screen print light works as plug in, time and effort saving, convenient easy to operate; In addition, the stand can be easily mounted on the table without additional tools, and you need to provide your own plug adapter Adjustable Stand: the…