Scrapbook paper crafts

Explore a wide range of creative scrapbook paper crafts that are perfect for preserving your precious memories. Get inspired and start creating beautiful handmade projects today.
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Cool Paper Craft Ideas for Adults - these fun paper crafts projects are easy DIY ideas that only SEEM really complicated! Most of these creative paper craft ideas are surprisingly easy and are perfect for using up all your pretty paper scraps. Create your own home decor, flower bouquet or make super cool 3D objects with these construction paper crafts DIY ideas. Upcycle brown paper bags or use pads of scrapbook paper to make these easy paper crafts.

Princess Amy Consuela Banana Hammock
Paper Crafts Stash Busters |

I think it’s safe to say that we, as crafters, have a tendency to “collect” supplies that we love. Our obsessions may vary, but I’m willing to bet there is an overabundance of something in your crafting area! So this month we’re focusing on destashing our craft space, one product at a time. For me ... Read More about Paper Crafts Stash Busters

Charlotte Browning
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They’re every crafters dirty little secret – paper scraps. Whether you store yours in a drawer, toss them in a bag, or have a giant pile growing on your desk, paper scraps can feel like an insurmountable mountain of disorganization. But they can be useful – after all, why would…

Phoebe Kates