Schiena uomo

Scopri gli esercizi migliori per allenare la schiena dell'uomo e migliorare la tua postura. Dai uno sguardo alle migliori tecniche e consigli per ottenere una schiena forte e sana.
Paing Takhon, Guerriero Samurai, 16 Tattoo, Male Pose Reference, Výtvarné Reference, Action Pose Reference, Photographie Portrait Inspiration, Kunst Inspiration, Body Reference Poses


Alyia's mind encased by a dream- her body chained by a superhuman society. She dreamed to be better then human, even superhuman. Alyias dream consisted of having powers, to be unimaginably wealthy and well know throughout many universes. Alyia wanted to be a God. This godly status doesn't come easy though; she's not the only one with such desire. But she knew of a place that could change her fate and she'd be damned to waste another moment trying to fit in. Regardless of her family, friends…

Grace Johnson