Sashiko stitches

Explore the art of Sashiko stitches and learn how to create stunning designs. Find inspiration and step-by-step tutorials to start your Sashiko stitching journey.
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How to Sashiko Stitch instructions for beginners | Step by step introduction to Sashiko embroidery tutorial

Sashiko Stitch Instructions for beginners A trend in embroidery: Sashiko stitching and visible mending. This ancient Japanese craft is easy to learn. It gives quick results and makes stunning textile pieces. In this tutorial we explain the basics you need to know about Sashiko stitching. We share our recommendations for Sashiko materials. You will also

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Mending Project: Wide Legged Levi's & Kimono Scraps

Choosing the right jeans Most of the mending projects I share are pretty extreme examples of patching using sashiko inspired mending techniques combined with my own stitching style. The examples that I share are either my own jeans or those that I've found while shopping at thrift/secondhand shops and garage sales. Whe

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Fun with hitomezashi - the 'one stitch sashiko' that looks like blackwork

Hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) is what really drew me in to wanting to learn how to stitch sashiko. I found the small geometric patterns totally fascinating, even more so when I found out that they are created with straight lines going back and forth - not with 'stepped' lines or cross stitches as you might assume. I love the way that numerous patterns can be created from one simple grid - a quarter inch (6mm) or a 5mm (a scant quarter inch) works just fine. The smaller grid is better for…

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