Sacred well

Uncover the enchanting allure of sacred wells and their spiritual significance. Discover ancient legends and rituals associated with these mystical water sources.
Beltane: Lady of the Sacred Well by Angie Latham Celtic Mythology, Sacred Well, Chalice Well, Sacred Water, Celtic Festival, Irish Mythology, Celtic Goddess, Water Spirit, Divine Mother

Beltane: Lady of the Sacred Well by Angie Latham | Redbubble

Inspired by the Celtic Festival of Beltane (May eve-May 1st) which marks the beginning of Summer. All wells and springs were believed to be particularly potent and sacred at this time of the year , and offerings were often left to honour the water spirits and fairy folk. This tradition is still carried on today in some parts of England and is known as Well Dressing. The town of Malvern , which is nestled under the Malvern Hills, is famous for its natural spring water.....and was even said to…

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