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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Rosario Vampire. Uncover the secrets of this thrilling manga series and join the adventure today!
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Quer fazer cosplay de personagem com cabelo rosa? Aqui tem uma lista com todos os tamanho e tons de rosa para satisfazer todos os gostos. Espero que ajude ^^ .Enjoy it! S2 = EU RECOMENDO!! Comprido e liso Moka Akashiya - Rosario + Vampire S2 Mayura - Matantei Loki Ragnarok Meroko - Full moon wo sagashite Simca- Air Gear Lala Satalin - To love Ru S2 Konnyaku Yuuna - Kagekara Mamoru Ayano Kannagi - Kaze no Stigma Misha- Pita Ten S2 Lucy- Elfen lied Yume Kuonji -Kimiaru Rimi Sakihata - Chaos…

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"Alright you're probably wondering "Roxas, what do mean you quit?" We… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Rosario, Vampire Anime Female, Rosario Vampire Characters, Rosario Vampire Moka, Mizore Shirayuki, Rosario Vampire Anime, Vampire Anime, Yuki Onna, Vampire Pictures

"Alright you're probably wondering "Roxas, what do mean you quit?" Well before I answer that allow me to introduce myself. Hi my name is Roxas Gremory-Lucifuge. I'm the adopted son of Sirzechs Lucifer(FKA Gremory) and Grayfia Lucifuge. Now as to why I quit, have you ever been close to someone that you never ask them for much, just one hour to hang out, watch a movie with you or you know and they ditch you to be with the absolute worst person. Well that's the story of my life." Roxas…


This book is a retelling of the Rosario Vampire story but with the Yugioh characters taking the roles of the Rosario vampire cast! Your the female lead of this harem story. I read a really cool Rosario Vampire reader insert with Yugioh characters and want to do a version of my own. I'm in love with the Rosario Vampire manga/series. This will only have the first Yugioh generation since it be hard to choose out of all the other characters. If you haven't seen Rosario vampire or read the manga…

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