Roman emperor

Explore the intriguing world of Roman Emperors and discover their rise to power, conquests, and legacies. Uncover the secrets of these influential rulers and their impact on ancient history.
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The 7 greatest Roman emperors in history

From the rise of the Roman Republic to the fall of the Roman Empire, the world witnessed some of the most exceptional leaders in history. The Roman emperors, wielding immense power and influence, not only transformed the face of the ancient world but left a lasting legacy that still reverberates today. But who were the greatest Roman emperors of all time, and what made them stand out from the rest? What remarkable achievements did they accomplish during their reigns, and how did their…

Francesco Cantù
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The boy emperor who ended an empire: The tragic life of Romulus Augustus

Romulus Augustus, often referred to as the last Western Roman Emperor, remains an enigmatic figure in the annals of history. Ascending to the throne at a time when the once-mighty Roman Empire was crumbling under the weight of internal strife and external invasions, his brief reign marked the end of an era that spanned over a thousand years. But who was Romulus Augustus, the boy-emperor who bore the names of Rome's mythical founder and its first emperor? What circumstances led to his rise…

Matthew B.Allauigan