Red vases

Enhance your home decor with stunning red vases that will brighten up any space. Explore the top ideas to incorporate these eye-catching accessories into your design.
Toots Zynsky Contemporary Studio Glass Sculpture Vase Imbrogliare | Fused Glass, Design, Modern Sculpture, Glass Decor, Vases And Vessels, Studio Glass, Modern Vases, Modern Vase, Antique Vase

The vessel formed with hundreds of thousands of ombre red to warm black glass filament threads, fused uniquely within the kiln, and hand-pinched by Zynsky after the vessel is nearly complete. The works combines elements of material engineering, contemporary art practice, and musical theatricality. No two articles are identical, each has an enormous amount of presence and organic form. "Imbrogliare" means to cheat or deceive. Indeed, the vessel is deceptive in form, appearing gentle and…

蕾 张
Black And Red, Red, Rot, Color, Dark Red, Opaque, Favorite Color, Light, Color Crystal

By putting three layers of glass on one another in three distinct moments colored opaque glass, clear crystal and colored crystal one achieves the amazing effect of a material that plays with the light and changes thickness, consistency and chromatic effect. Two-colored objects in Murano crystal, blown by mouth and hand-finished, in six color combinations.