Raoul hausmann

Discover the fascinating life and groundbreaking art of Raoul Hausmann, a prominent figure in the Dada movement. Explore his innovative techniques and thought-provoking works that continue to inspire artists today.
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Assemblage is a style of sculpture inspired by the idea of introducing pre-existing, non-art objects into an art context. Although one can find precedents for the approach in the work of Duchamp and Picasso, it flourished as a tendency in the 1950s and 1960s, and continues to be a prominent technique today.

Lee Mitchell
Look into my vortex: the astonishing experimental photography of Alvin Langdon Coburn Alfred Stieglitz, Water Photography, Raoul Hausmann, Levitation Photography, Experimental Photography, Montage Photo, Multiple Exposure, Abstract Photographs, Surrealism Photography

An accomplished photographer by the age of eight, this Bostonian visionary invented a kaleidoscopic mirror to take ‘vortographs’, took some of the most innovative images of the early 20th century – then gave it all up to focus on being a freemason

Claudette @DharmaAnchor