Purple rain

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Purple Rain. Explore stunning ideas and bring a touch of magic to your life with this captivating color palette.
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part 12, purple fam! Previous parts found here: Part 1: http://prince.org/msg/7/425105 Part 2: http://prince.org/msg/7/428032 Part 3: http://prince.org/msg/7/428726 Part 4: http://prince.org/msg/7/429783 Part 5: http://prince.org/msg/7/430557 Part 6: http://prince.org/msg/7/431222 Part 7: http://prince.org/msg/7/432345 Part 8: http://prince.org/msg/7/435207 Part 9: http://prince.org/msg/7/437350 Part 10: http://prince.org/msg/7/439486 Part 11: http://prince.org/msg/7/441981 [Edited 7/4/17…

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