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Explore the key principal ideas that can lead to success and growth in various areas of life. Discover practical tips and strategies to implement these ideas and achieve your goals.
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How a School Principal can plan Staff Appreciation Ideas for a whole year

Busy School Principals - plan 1 year of teacher and staff morale boosters using this method. Easy with tools to save time for school leaders.

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a Principal’s Bucket List…great ideas from other principals! #bucketlist #2018

I came across a teachers bucket list on IG by @PrestoPlans and knew I wanted to do one! Several of the ideas would have translated into my admin shoes…but then I decided to make an ADMIN version! Of course, as I sat staring at the page…I realized I wanted MORE! (Please see the previous blog! ha!) […]

Christie Bergh
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Principal's Monthly To-Do Checklists - Stephanie McConnell/Principal Principles

The monthly checklists have been updated! Checklists are so important. Even veteran principals need to-do lists! Planning is so

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Heated Parent Phone Calls - Strategies for Keeping Cool and Reaching Solutions

Heated Parent Phone Calls - Five Free and Easy Strategies for Keeping Cool and Reaching Solutions with angry parents.

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Principal Binder- A Must! - Stephanie McConnell/Principal Principles

Principal Principles: Principal Binder- A Must! #proudprincipal #principalprinciples #principalsofinstagram #principalsoffice #greatestschoolonearth #bestyearever #principallife #yougottowantit #moralemagic #magicstarter #schoolleadership #schooladministration

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