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Discover innovative plant clips that make plant care and maintenance a breeze. Explore top ideas to keep your plants healthy and thriving with the help of these handy clips.
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Plant propagation is truly remarkable. Pothos plants, in particular, are popular because they’re beautiful, ultra low-maintenance, and easy to propagate. In my experience, a pothos plant is the easiest plant to grow. I find pothos even less demanding than succulents....Read More

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Getting a pothos plant is almost like getting a puppy. At first, you check out YouTube videos and blog posts to learn how to take care of it. Then you start telling everyone you meet about your growing baby. It becomes a proud fixture in your online personality and your Zoom background. But as it keeps growing, you wonder how much longer it will fit in your home. You didn’t know it would take up so much space, but now you’re (happily) stuck with it forever.

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About this item Package include:20pcs bean sprout hair clips. Color: Green. Material: The sprout hair clip are made of alloy and plastic. Size: The plant hairclip length​ about 2.36 inch/6 cm. Feature:Cute bean sprout shape hair clips, very attractive, great for any age and any occasion, can be decorated on a headband or hat, or worn alone on your hair. Tips: If you have any questions about this product, please contact us first, we will try our best to solve your problem.

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