Pig iron

Explore the many uses of pig iron in industries such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing. Learn how pig iron can enhance the strength and durability of your products.
Bessemer Process | Removed impurities from in iron ore through oxidation. It was a positive impact because it increased the production of steel to build bridges, railroads, etc. Sloss Furnace, Iron And Steel Industry, Society Problems, Steel Production, Bethlehem Steel, Pig Iron, Blast Furnace, Wheeling Wv, Coal Miners

Iron Steel Manufacturing

Introduction : Iron produced in the blast furnace is known as pig iron or cast iron. Pig iron is the iron which contains 4% of carbon and some other impurities. Carbon contents present in pig iron are reduced by burning off carbon as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Impurities present as sulphur, manganese etc are oxidised as their oxides. There are three methods of burning carbon for production of steel. (i) Bessemer Process (ii) Open Hearth Process (iii) Electric Furnace Process…

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