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Discover various photography styles to enhance your skills and capture captivating shots. From portrait to landscape, find inspiration to take your photography to the next level.
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Finding your photography style seems like a never-ending journey, doesn’t it? Sujata Setia has become known internationally for hers in just three short years. She delivers absolute gold in this interview!

Terry Shelton
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You just booked one of your first clients. You pull up to your session only to find your clients are wearing miss-matched clothing with big logos. One of them is in bright neon pink, throwing some seriously scary color casts on everyone’s skin. You had been so excited about these images to be the face […]

Shunnie | Lifestyle & Business Blogger
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All the summer time vibes with this vibey streetwear aesthetic lifestyle portrait photoshoot. Captured lots of movement and all angles of the car. Beautiful Southern California backdrop making these photos GIVE!

McCartney Labor

Ever look directly in a camera as your picture is being taken and completely FREEZE? Your hands are stiff, your legs won't move and you feel completely awkward? I've been there done that. I've been the subject of many Instagram photoshoots over the past couple of years. And let me tell you, in the beginning,

Megan Lawrence

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