Panna Cotta

Indulge in creamy and flavorful panna cotta desserts. Try these mouthwatering recipes and treat yourself to a delightful culinary experience.
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Vanilla Panna Cotta (classic recipe)

How to make a beautiful, smooth and creamy Vanilla Panna Cotta. This classic Italian dessert is unbelievably easy to make with just 10 minutes of prep time then it's left to set in the fridge. A stunning make-ahead dessert that will deliver that wow factor!

Brianna Loy
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Panna cotta with fruit jelly

This is one of my favourite summer desserts. Very light, cold and perfect for hot days. Panna cotta is very similar in taste to vanilla ice cream, and the fruit mousse replaces the icing and blends beautifully with the sweet creamy part. You can also replace the mousse with jelly and serve with any fruit, nuts or other toppings of your choice. The presentation suggestion - in glasses, panna cotta at an angle - looks beautiful and is suitable as a dessert for special occasions, or to surprise…

rachel garrity

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