Packing luggage

Make your travel experience hassle-free with these essential tips for efficiently packing your luggage. Learn how to maximize space and organize your belongings for a stress-free trip.
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Are you a chronic overpacker? I was. I've changed my ways and travel is so much better now. Read the top ten reasons why you should consider packing light and detailed instructions on how to do it. The Obvious: 1) Save money - no luggage fees 2) Save time - no need to wait in the baggage check line before departure - head right to your gate 3) Save more time - no waiting at the baggage claim for your luggage to be delivered from the belly of the plane 4) Peace of mind - no worries about lost…

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Apr 11, 2021 - The 9 best packing tips from the pro! Plus, the ultimate list of packing mistakes to avoid to pack to perfection for your next vacation!

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Sometimes when we talk about our recent trips people look at Tom and I like we are crazy. You went where with a toddler and a baby? And then they look even more bewildered (or maybe confused) when we tell them it went great and we had a really nice time. Maybe my kids are just good travelers, but

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