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Learn how to protect the ozone layer and contribute to a healthier planet. Explore tips, ideas, and initiatives to reduce ozone depletion and promote sustainability.
This visualization depicts the ozone hole over Antarctica at its maximum extent on October 7. 2021. Scientists define the "ozone hole" as the area in which ozone levels are depleted below 220 Dobson Units (dark blue, marked with black triangle on color bar). (Climate.gov) Earth Science, Scientists, Ozone Depletion, Weather Balloon, Ozone Layer, End Of Winter, October 7, Space Flight, Art Drawings Simple

Antarctic ozone hole is 13th largest on record and expected to persist into November

The 2021 Antarctic ozone hole reached its maximum area on October 7 and ranks 13th largest since 1979, scientists from NOAA and NASA reported today. This year’s ozone hole developed similarly to last year's: A colder than usual Southern Hemisphere winter lead to a deep and larger-than-average hole that will likely persist into Novembe

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Some Good News For The Environment: The Ozone Layer Is Coming Back - The Ring of Fire Network

As it turns out, the impact of human activity on the planet and the environment can work both ways. This week, the United Nations reported that the Earth’s all-important ozone layer, which started to disappear approximately four decades ago, is returning. The reason: industries and individuals have been discontinuing the use of aerosols and refrigerants …