Organize important papers

Discover practical methods to efficiently organize and manage your important papers. Keep your documents in order and easily accessible with these helpful ideas.
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Often when I first meet with clients who are struggling with their handling of paper, their biggest challenge is getting their hands on information when they need it quickly. Imagine if you had one place to go to find your insurance policy number or find your bank account and routing number fast. How about what […]

Erica Lapera
Free printable cheat sheet to help you figure out which important records you need to keep and for how long.

A simple guide to help you organize important paperwork, documents, and records. How to know which important papers you need to keep, and which ones you can get rid of. Includes a free printable cheat sheet to use while you're organizing your important files.

Susan Underwood
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This is one of those blog posts that I know is important, but I kept putting off. Just like the actual task – we all know how important it is to have our important documents organized, but it just seems like more fun to organize our pantries instead. Since this was one of my personal goals this year – to get my documents in order – I figured I'd share my process, and maybe it'll motivate you too!Let's keep it simple: I'll explain the two ways to organize your important docs – your physical…

Yolivette Ndaiga