Organic form

Discover creative and unique organic form ideas to enhance your home decor. Get inspired by nature's beauty and add a touch of elegance to your living space.
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Free Flowing Forms – Sculpture by Artist Mari-Ruth Oda | OEN

Drawing inspiration from sinuous lines found in nature, Mari-Ruth Oda’s sculptures instil a sense of calm and fluidity in the eye of the beholder. Her sculptures are light, airy and curvaceous, reminding me of other-worldly and ephemeral shapes found only in our dreams or in our thoughts. At a glance, these sculptures look like wisps

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Organic Fluid Form, Lines and Ellipses Part 2

Here are a few sheets outlining the process and results for the homework this week. I put these together so you could keep track of how to put together compound curved forms and how to construct and evolve the angular/positional/flat plane forms with the rounded/organic/compound/"bubbly" volumes. I also included 3 pages of diagrams on with the ellipses and "jagged angle" section of the homework. If you follow the diagrams that further explains the compound form process we started in class…